Ancient Sri Lankan Gem History.

According to Brahmi inscription Dates back to 3rd Century BC, 5 Years after Enlightenment, Gautama Buddha made his Second Visit to Nagadeepa, Nothern part of Sri Lanka to Settle a Dispute Between Nagha King Chulodara & His uncle Mahodara, over a Gem Studded Throne(Mini Palanga).

After Having Listened to Dhamma(Sermons) displaying Buddha’s masterly knowledge of unity and harmony, meththa and compassion, the Naga kings paid homage to Budhha with overwhelming faith. The throne was offered to him in unison and they became pious devotees.


“HATRED IS NEVER APPEASED BY HATRED” After realizing the above Damma Pada, both the parties united and became Buddhist Devotees which resulted Gautama Buddha’d 3rd Visit to Kelaniya Sri Lanka.

Mozambique Ruby

Gemfields brand ambassador Mila Kunis wearing Sutra earrings featuring Mozambican rubies (photo by Mario Sorrento, courtesy of Gemfields)

The company has set its sights on Mozambique, where it owns a majority stake in a mine that it hopes could supply up to a fifth of global ruby demand, according to a report in Bloomberg

Mozambique Rubies in Beruwala

Beruwala Gem Traders Ventured Montoepuez Mining Area in Mid 2009 and the local Markets flooded with Rubies. Sri Lankan’s were Specialized in Sapphires and Thai Traders were much experienced in Rubies. it was noted the Trading Community from China Fort Quickly adapted to the new material and started to export Mozambique Rubies to Asian & European Markets . On the other hand Thais were ahead of us being able to Treat Rubies. Eventually different Technique were developed China Fort Traders.